Stellar Transfer

Stellar Transfer is an oil industry contractor.

We are a dedicated team of field workers trained in pipeline construction or repair and installing truck and sales LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) systems around the country.

We can provide any type of oilfield service. If it is construction, or maintenance, or repairing your pipeline or facility we will provide you a “stellar” service.

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Stellar Transfer

14147 S 1850 W
Bluffdale, UT 84065

(O) 801-446-5673
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Our mission is to provide service that is “Stellar” compared to our competitors when it comes to dependability, service, and on-time delivery. Mike Phillips


Established in 2013

Experience the difference of Stellar Transfer!

Stellar Transfer Services

Pipeline Maintenance and Construction

Stellar Transfer provides highly qualified personnel and equipment to pipeline owners & operators, delivering services to support our integrity of our company mission. We will assess threats to the pipeline and take proactive steps to prevent a failure and spill. We will also identify metal loss from corrosion, or deformation, require repair to regain the integrity of the pipeline. Stellar Transfer delivers pipeline maintenance services for all oil pipelines and facilities.

Stellar Transfer also provides new installation services to customers installing new pipelines and surface facilities such as compression, pumping, and metering.

Pipeline Repairs, Replacement, Lowering

At Stellar Transfer we understand the importance of maintaining on-time delivery and provide fast, reliable pipeline repair, from line replacement to coating repairs, to keep things flowing. We offer Full-Encirclement Welded pipe.

Simplify projects with one company for pipeline and facility construction, and maintenance including strategic planning, project development, and cost control. Our service capability ranges from full green field construction to specific system standards for oil production.

Compressor Stations


When you are building a new compressor station or expanding an existing compressor station, no other company can provide you with the most stellar service like Stellar Transfer.

From small single unit installations to large 10 train transmission line compression facilities totaling almost 75,000 horsepower, Stellar Transfer is your first choice for all your compression needs in the US.

Stellar Transfer Newsletter

Swan Ranch Expansion

It is a cowboy town and Stellar Transfer is about to "Cowboy UP!" This facility is the most well kept and clean lease facility I have ever seen. The picture to the left was taken today October 1st, 2014 and we have the opportunity to expand this awesome facility and...

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August 2014 – STELLAR NEWS

Summer is almost over but the fun is about to begin. Stellar Transfer has been keeping busy. In the last months, Stellar has completed 3 storage tank lease facilities in Texas and swapped out screwed on pipe with welded pipe at 4 lease facilities in Williston North...

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Stellar Transfer safety is our mission to control accidents goes hand-in-hand with productivity, cost, and quality of service and employee morale.

Employees at all levels are entrusted with primary responsibility for the safety and well being of all persons who come under their supervision. Safety is never to be viewed as a second thought. It is to be designed for each and every job performed in the work. It is also monitored and evaluated as carefully as any element to provide efficiency or effectiveness for any job.

It is the individual employee’s responsibility to assume a working partnership with his/her management team in safety-related matters. Employees can put safe practices into daily operation. Through this spirit of cooperation, all employee in the Company will receive the benefits of working in a safe environment.

Safety Principles
• Strive to design, build and operate our facilities in compliance with all safety laws and regulations
• Educate our employees on safety issues relating to their jobs
• Regularly evaluate and document our performance
• Participate in programs which help understand safety issues
• Research in technology and practices which can improve safety performance
• Participate in projects and organizations that conserve natural resources


Stellar Transfer
14147 S 1850 W
Bluffdale, UT 84065

(O) 801-446-5673
​(C) 801-598-7183
(F) 801-254-5713

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